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Inspire Maths Overviews – 2017:

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Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6

Autumn 1

Place value money addition subtraction shape symmetry multiplication division. Place value, addition, subtraction shape, dataMultiplication, division Place value, decimals, addition, money subtraction, shape, multiplication, division and fractions. Place value decimals area perimeter properties of shape mental multiplication and division, written multiplication and division, fractions, percentages ratio.

Autumn 2

Addition subtraction time data multiplication division fractions. Place value, addition, subtraction shape, dataMultiplication, division. Division, Measures fractions addition subtraction multiplication place value Statistics and sequences mental addition, subtraction written addition and subtraction problem solving assess and review

Spring 1

Place value addition subtraction measures data fractions. place value, fractions, decimals, addition subtraction, money, measurement, datanegative numbers Place value, addition, subtraction, co-ordinates, line graphs, multiplication division Number, place value, measurement statistics, multiplication division, fractions, decimals, percentages,

Spring 2

Place value Division addition subtraction time position direction multiplication fractions. Addition, subtraction, time timetables, coordinates, multiplication, division. Fractions decimals multiplication division number and place value perimeter area volume addition subtraction Position direction algebra addition and subtraction time calculators algebra assess ad review

Summer 1

Place value money addition subtraction multiplication division measurement data. place value, addition, subtraction, area perimeter coordinates, fractions decimals  length. Number and place value decimals multiplication division percentages angles polygons fractions subtraction. Numbers fractions addition subtraction multiplication division

Summer 2

Place value sequences multiplication division shape data measures fractions addition and subtraction. Multiplication, division, shape symmetry, angles, time, graphs, fractions decimals, divisionaddition subtraction. Multiplication division time data place value subtraction multiplication fractions calculation. Problem solving measure history of maths, maths in art and nature