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Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6

Autumn 1

*Football (Coach)Gymnastics (Teacher)

Swimming- 1 class

*Football (Coach)Gymnastics (Teacher) *Sportshall Athletics (Coach)Net & Wall games (Teacher) *Sportshall Athletics (Coach) 

Net & Wall games (Teacher)

Autumn 2

Sportshall Athletics (Coach)Dance (Teacher)

Swimming- 1 class

Sportshall Athletics (Coach)Dance (Teacher) *High 5 Netball (Coach)Gymnastics (Teacher *High 5 Netball (Coach)Gymnastics (Teacher)

Spring 1

*Gymnastics (Coach)Net & Wall games (Teacher)

Swimming- 1 class

*Gymnastics (Coach)Net & Wall games (Teacher) *Quicksticks Hockey (Coach)Dance (Teacher) *Quicksticks Hockey (Coach)Dance (Teacher)

Spring 2

Quicksticks Hockey (Coach)**High 5 Netball (Teacher) Quicksticks Hockey (Coach)**High 5 Netball (Teacher)

Swimming- 1 class

*Kwik Cricket (Coach)**Outdoors & Adventurous (Teacher) *Kwik Cricket (Coach)**Outdoors & Adventurous (Teacher)

Summer 1

*Mini-Tennis (Coach)*Athletics (Teacher)


*Mini-Tennis (Coach)*Athletics (Teacher)

Swimming- 1 class

*Athletics (Coach)*Rounders (Teacher) *Athletics (Coach)*Rounders (Teacher)

Summer 2

Athletics (Coach)**Outdoors & Adventurous (Teacher) Athletics (Coach)**Outdoors & Adventurous (Teacher)

***Swimming- 1 class

Gymnastics (Coach)Athletics (Teacher) Gymnastics (Coach)Athletics (Teacher)

*Leading up to competition   ** Staff training / Input needed *** Class swimming in Summer 2 to do Outdoors and Adventurous activities in Summer 1