Pupil Premium: 2013 – 2014

Pupil Premium for Winterbourne Junior Girls’ School

April 2013- March 2014

Winterbourne Junior Girls’ School has 29% of pupils who are entitled to free school meals. This financial year (April 2013- March 2014) there is £109,000 in the budget.

We intend to use the following strategies for narrowing the gap.

  • Additional support in class(51K)

Target any FSM pupil not reaching age related expectations in Reading, Writing or


  • Learning Mentor (£6K)

The school employs a learning mentor for 10 hours per week.  This time is increased when there is a need to support children with identified problems.

  • School Visits (£12 K)

The school values the opportunity to take children for learning activities beyond the

classroom and the Governors agreed a budget for this.

  • Library (£7K)

To purchase additional books for the library, so the children can borrow books and use at home for reading and reference purposes.

  • ICT (£20K)

To purchase a Rooter and class set of Ipads.  To aid knowledge of technology to access the curriculum.

  • Clubs (Some funding from Extended Schools Cluster + £ 2K additional from school)

A variety of clubs offered to children ranging from tennis, archery, karate which

includes the children being graded and earning their belts, Dance (including

sponsoring pupils participation in Croydon Dance Festival), art, choir, multi-

sports, basketball, cricket and  netball. Parents are asked to contribute £2.50 per

week towards the sessions and the rest is subsidised by the school.

  • Lunch Clubs (£4K)

For 4 days a week a midday supervisor is employed to run a lunch club as a reward for punctuality.  For 5 days a week a midday supervisor is employed to run a craft lunch club- a different class each week. For 5 days a week a midday supervisor is employed to run an activity lunch club- a different group of 20 children each day.

  • Music Year 4 (£7 K)

All the children have the opportunity in Year 4 to learning a musical instrument with a peripatetic teacher leading the teaching.


Since September 2014 we have put the following measures in place in order to improve the life chances of our pupils in receipt of the Pupil Premium Grant:-

  • Achievement for All 3A’s programme participants– raising aspirations, access and achievement for pupils in receipt of the Pupil Premium Grant (2 year programme from Summer term 2015)
  • Greater staff awareness of who the PPG girls are within the school
  • Closer tracking by class teachers and the assessment coordinator of PPG students – including regular meetings to discuss progress and closing the attainment gap
  • Close tracking of the PPG expenditure making sure that it is is targeted at the correct students
  • 3 day Easter booster classes for PPG pupils in year 6
  • Saturday tuition for PPG students in year 6 (started January 2015) – transferring to year 5 in June 2015.
  • A teacher employed specifically for PPG English achievement – focused small group work.

We place great emphasis on our values and aims and are striving to meet our ethos of:-

‘Aspirations, Expectations, No Excuses – Vincam – Together we Conquer’

for all of our girls at Winterbourne Junior Girls’ School.