Hewitts of Croydon and Bubblegum in Thornton Heath are our official school outfitters and all items of uniform are available from their shop in Croydon. All the pupils are required to wear School Uniform. All items should be clearly named to avoid loss. All items marked are available from high street stores such as Marks & Spencer, Tesco, BHS, Bubblegum, (Tel: 020 86832773) Hewitts of Croydon (Tel: 020 8680 4555) and other local school uniform outfitters.


  • Black school blazer (compulsory for Years 3, 4, and 5) available from Hewitts of Croydon: Alternatively, parents can buy a plain black blazer and attach an iron-on school blazer badge, available from the school office for £2.
  • Black pinafore dress
  • Black uniform skirt
  • Black uniform trousers
  • White school shirt with a buttoned collar
  • Scarlet red school cardigan or jumper (school logo preferred)
  • White, red black socks/tights of a plain design
  • Winterbourne Girls’ Fleece Jacket from Hewitts of Croydon
  • Tie – £2.50 from the school office/Hewitts of Croydon
  • Sensible black school shoes

Boots may be worn to school in bad weather but pupils are expected to change into shoes in school. If a hajib is worn, it must be either plain navy blue, plain black or plain white and fastened without pins


  • Black school blazer (compulsory for Years 3, 4, and 5) available from Hewitts of Croydon
  • Red and white gingham school summer dress
  • Sensible black school shoes


  • T- shirt – Red “Winterbourne”
  • Shorts- black- essential
  • Plimsolls/trainers – black
  • Winterbourne PE bag from Hewitts of Croydon
  • Black tracksuit/jogging suit (plain – no logos, except the school logo)

If your daughter wears a hijab in P.E. the teacher may deem it necessary to exclude her from some activities for reasons of health and safety. (School colour sports hijabs can be purchased online for P.E. lessons.) This also applies to leggings and joggers worn for religious reasons.

No jewellery other than a watch is allowed to be worn and watches must be removed during P.E. lessons. Risk assessment clearly identifies jewellery as a hazard with many recorded injuries to participants and staff attributable to injudicious non-removal. This includes earrings.

All pupils must change from their school uniform into their P.E. kit for any form of physical activity. If tights are worn to school, your daughter will need a pair of socks for P.E.

Plain trainers or plimsolls in black are required when the lesson is outside. When inside, and especially on the apparatus, we expect pupils to work in bare feet. If a pupil has a verruca or athlete’s foot she should wear her plimsolls whilst it is being treated. We also require a letter from parents explaining this.


As a health and safety measure, if your daughter has hair which is longer than shoulder length it should be tied back at all times. This helps avoid accidents and head lice. Hair ornaments need to be in school colours.


The wearing of nail varnish and/or false nails is prohibited.



Please note that the school accepts no responsibility or liability for any items lost or damaged

The BAALPE Safe Practice in Physical Education and School Sport Handbook 2004 Edition states:

Paragraph 9.3.7 ‘Any willingness on the part of parents to indemnify teachers for allowing a pupil to wear personal effects should be declined. Indemnities have no legal status, as pupils may bring retrospective action against teachers in their own right within three years of reaching adult age.’

Paragraph 5.3.5 ‘Indemnity forms seeking to absolve the school of responsibility for injury have no standing in law. Parents sign participation agreements (eg consent forms) without removing the school’s duty of care.’

In other words even though you may say you want your daughter to wear jewellery, once your daughter is an adult she can take legal action against the teacher if she is injured.

Paragraph 9.3.8 Long hair should be tied back to prevent it obscuring pupils’ vision or becoming entangled in apparatus during physical activity.’